Monday, January 17, 2011

Swan Tapestry

swan tapestry
Picked up this amazing tapestry from the op shop the other day. I almost put it down because it was marked at 9 bucks...NINE BUCKS! outrageous, lol. But yes the loved up swans and the moon and the colours, arghh I was too in love to say no!


  1. hahahaha i laughed so much at the $9 being too much :P hehehe
    nice find fee, im so jealous of your op-shop savvy!

  2. he he he he :)
    I have to go more often, I'm so slack, sunny coast is pretty cool for op shops! One day we should arrange an op shop day!

  3. most definitely! i have a bit of time on my hands these days since i am queen of the bums :)

  4. sweet we shall organise something then :)

  5. i concur on that one! fee's op shops up there have been so fruitful! the only one better i found was when i was driving up to brisbane from melbs once and stopped for some country bakery goods and found this op shop hidden in the back where everything was ONE DOLLAR! and it was all awesome! ahhhhh so droolworthy.

    NINE BUCKS is too much! so true fee, so true. but swans are awesome and can you really put a price on the amount of old-lady love that some grandma poured into this while she was squinting to cross-stitch the pattern with her arthritic fingers? i think not.

  6. exactly my thoughts emaya! I guess thats what the op shop people thought too, since it is run by mainly old people, who probably value highly the craft world! When handmade stuff gets donated to op shops, I always feel a bit sad, did someone not appreciate their present? Did someone die? Always seem like sad reasons it would end up on the op shop shelves! but yes anyway.

    I want to go to that country op shop! I reckon all op shops should make everything one dollar, imagine the turn over!


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