Tuesday, January 18, 2011


photo of the week

I noticed the quality of photos submitted AND winning were not that high, so I thought I would try my luck submitting into my local paper. This cute lady rang me up to tell me I was the winner, gosh, so much fun to win things and now Ben is famous, well amongst the namborians and we're off to Aussie World!!! I'm also a magnificent photographer!


  1. ahh thats so cool! :) yay congrats fee!
    I've known you're a magnificent photographer for a while now though :)
    excellent stuff!

  2. aww thanks I'll definitely take these compliments!!

  3. hahaha that's so good! question though: what the hell is aussie world?!

  4. so funny just assumed everyone would know Aussie World, ha ha ha. It's this really bad theme park right next to the ettamogah pub! I'm sure photos will come once we use our vouchers :)
    oh yes, that reminds me, must download skype!


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