Thursday, January 6, 2011


On Saturday Lowie convinced Ben and I to head to Woodford, a week long festival with a promise of much awesomeness...
definitely delievered!

camp grounds at woodford

mud at woodfords
It was insanely mud-ererfic and I was quite happy to be in gumboots! I love mud but I don't know how I would have done after a week of it.

We may or may not have snuck into the festival
festival shop woodford

ben at woodford
From the 6 hours I glimpsed into the woodford experience, there seems to be
1) lots of yummy food
2) lots of cool stuff to buy
3) lots of art to look and participate in
4) music always playing somewhere
5) lots of hippies

It was great!


strong man fee

sexy lady ben

fee the fat lady

ben the skinny man

fee and ben in magical light curtains

trailer trash

circus at woodford

circus tent

fireworks 3

fireworks 2

fireworks at woodford closing ceremony
Watched the closing ceremony, where we got told off by a hippie for not taking it seriously or spirtiually enough...
"you wouldn't do that in someone else's church"


But that was the only negative experience of Woodford otherwise I had a blast and 
definitely want to go back next year :)

We finished off the night watching a musician called that 1 guy

that 1 guy

dancers at woodford - that 1 guy
loved watching the dancers!

frog light


  1. ahh cool! :)
    i laughed heartily at the face-cutout posing, they're the best! :)
    looks like a blast, but i am definitely with you fee on the wearing gum boots - good call!
    glad you were successful getting in ;)

    meanwhile ive been going through some stuff in the cupboards today and came across my box of fee letters, ahh its addictive i have to pry myself away now to make some dinner hahaha so funny, so many things id forgotten about.
    one day (when we're both sufficiently bored lol) we should get together and read them in series hehe

    love ya xo

  2. Oooh, that circus tent is soooo neat!

  3. there is something cool about circus tents isn't there? awesome stripey goodness probably plays a big part!


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