Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Five

For this week's friday five I thought I would have a peek at some of my favs on deviant art

First up is Tiffanyliu who is an amazing artist and I wish I had a nice big fat book of all her work to sit through and take in all the wonderful goodyness!

Second is  monavx aka Aussie Karl Kwasny! 
Argh this picture alone kills me with awesomeness. 
I seriously want to cry going through all his artworks, crying cause I'm so damn jealous!

Third is Pocketowl aka Becky Dreistadt a kiwi artist whose work
looks like it came straight out of a golden time story book!
Again a nice book full of her illustrations, I would seriously devour!

Fourth is UnclePatrick a USA chick whose art style I really dig!
I've probably picked an odd choice but really her gallery is heaps cool,
you should go check out all her other styles too!

And my last pick of the week is jokneeappleseed aka Danielle Estefan another American lass who has a real distinct character style that I find especially cool!


  1. I love love love Danielle Estefan's art.

  2. I love Tiffanyliu's work! Thank you for sharing it!!!

    love + luck + bliss,

  3. hello! thanks for commenting, tiffany's stuff is super duper awesome hey! :)

  4. theyre all awesome, love the first one!

  5. yeah such neat artists in the world hey!


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