Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kilcoy Part Three

On our adventures to find the yowie park, we stumbled across this yard full of the most amazing tacky lawn ornaments.  Now cause I'm a weiner, I basically wanted to do some sort of camera drive by, but Ben being much less of a weiner suggested we just go tap on the door and ask if we could take some pictures.  Ben knocked on the door (I hid behind) and this little old lady came out.  I saw a glimpse into her house which seemed just as impressive (tacky wise) as her garden! Ahh I would of died to be able to do a home tour, but yeah, she seemed a little nervous about us even in her garden, so a home tour probably wouldn't have gone down to well, anyway who am I kidding I'm the weiner in this story, hiding behind ben!

deer lawn ornament

lawn ornaments
Look at the gnome with the weird dog painted face. The lady was really nervous about her bad paint job she did on them, we reassured her they were amazing. I just wanted to yell out something like "YOUR GARDEN IS AMAZING ON way too many tacky levels and I LOVE YOU" but Ben had already made a nice little intro about how his mum likes lawn ornaments and how we wanted to take pictures to show his Mum, so I stuck with that :P

dog lawn ornament

donkey planter
She told use she got the ornaments in the fifties from Caboolture, which helps to explain the somewhat inappropriateness...

native woman

garden ornamentss

gnome and frog ornament

clown garden planter
lady clown with goatee?

dog planter box
Even though the little old lady is looking at me like I'm a complete weirdo, in the above pic, she was actually really sweet. Ben said we were just going to take the pictures but thought better to knock and ask and she said it would have been no problem just to take the photos! Aww. She said, she actually had another car pull up and do the same thing! She also laid to rest our yowie questions, she said the original yowie was chopped up into little bits! Well I think that's what she said, I guess this is how old wives tale start :P


  1. hahaha oh my goodness chopped up into little bits! poor yowie he had a tough life right to the end!

    this is totally awesome though, tacky garden stuff is the best - i'm still on the lookout for some of those lawn flamingos hehehe

    thats really sweet though, and see now instead of just pictures of her stuff, you have a nice memory of the little old lady who lives there too :)

    CUTEness in a bottle :)

  2. Ben was researching a bit more into the yowie and read that it was a couple of school's boys account of a yowie sighting that got the sculpture built in the first place, even though their sighting was more a kangaroo/man/beast thing. Apparently after their claims a few yowie hunt missions took place! Interesting story, I want to find more out, about the original artist and why he took so much aristic license when he created the first yowie sculpture and why, errr, he gave it, it's man bits! lol

    but yes sad day for the yowie to be chopped up :(

    Long live the tacky garden ornaments, I thought of Grandad's mushrooms and gnomes when I saw this lady's garden!

    I'm definitely glad we knocked on her door and now I'll hopefully, be less of a weiner, in the future if I'm ever on my own with my camera in hand when I stumbled upon some more tackyness!

    :) Hope your week is travelling nicely

  3. oh my, did anyone else notice what looks like matching peacock ornaments on the house walls?????????



  4. hahaha that is an AMAZING garden! i love it even more that she painted it herself.

    can't believe ben asked either - i would've done covert photos too!

    PS heather - so excited about lawn flamingoes! i saw some in an ikea over here so maybe they are about to make their way to ikeas in australia soon?

  5. And those peacock ornaments were only a glimpse into the real treasures that lay inside her home! So cool!

    Yay for Ikea!! *fingers crossed for flamingoes for heather*


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