Thursday, February 24, 2011

The not cool things about Australia..spiders!

The other night I was over at Ben's and there was a 6 legged spider hanging out at the window behind the screen mesh.  As someone with a phobia of spiders I thought myself pretty brave going to sleep with a spider so close.  Though it did only have 6 legs and it was safely positioned behind the window!  I woke up to find about a metre away from Ben's bed on the wall a much more terrifying spider....
Thank goodness for zoom on the camera! I love Australia to death but gosh sometimes it just creeps me the fudge out! I doubt I would of had such a rad sleep if I would have known this dude was so damn close!


  1. AAARRRGH!!!!!!!! *wimpy squeal*

    hokey sailors fee this is not cool. I would have probably run halfway up the street lol

  2. yeah it definitely was horrible. Half glad I didn't know about him till the morning and I could run away :P Ben safely put him outside, but I think even he got the hibey jeebies doing it!

  3. DEAR LORD that thing is like a mutant spider! i would've pooed my pants for sure.

    how can you be sure that it DIDN'T crawl across your face while you were sleeping? HUH? makes me glad i'm somewhere where it's too cold for spiders to survive. THERE - i think i just found my first 'pro' for norway! hahaha x

  4. it definitely could of crawled across my face!
    Though it didn't really seem to move when the red light from my camera came on and ben said he was pretty easy to capture, so that gives me some hopes...lazy spider!

    cold places definitely have their bonuses!!!

  5. Yuck! This is definitely frightening! I would have disappeared within seconds upon spotting this creature. Cockroaches are the most uncool things in Singapore. argh!

  6. Oh cockroaches are horrible tooo! I hate that they have the ability to fly! eek. I'm such a girl, I know they're just doing there animal thing but I can't help but wanting them all to dissapear!


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