Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kilcoy Yowie

yowie park
The other day I was in a bit of a bad mood and the only thing that could cure it, was a trip to see the infamous Yowie of Kilcoy.  I could go into lots of details here about how the wooden yowie once had a penis, but people kept chopping it off because it was too outrageous, Ben remember's seeing it back in the day and it had a hotdog carefully placed over it's weiner :P  I myself, first encountered the yowie as a young lass, when my Grandparents took my Bro and I there. I can't really remember what I thought of the yowie except that we got sherbet bottles afterwards and that made me happy, so yeah you know..fond memories!
yowie statue
I can't say the hour trip to the small country town of kilcoy was worth it but it laid to rest my thoughts that no, unfortunately the yowie is no longer that extra bit special!

back of yowie

yowie statue
Double see!
yowie sign
The original yowie "erected" ha ha ha, I'm too immature!

Merely a replica...jibbed!
We left yowie park but not before making a family very uncomfortable.  Ben and I were about the leave and this family just couldn't stop starring at us, we had a pretend make out session and they quickly diverted their eyes... had me giggling for quite a while :)
yes very mature! Hey what's life without laughter?


  1. haha nice stare-stopping tactic :)

    yeah we used to go through kilcoy whenever we went to caloundra growing up, and i definitely remember there was an issue with the yowie's bits hehe
    poor demasculated yowie man

    hope you're feeling happier now lovely girl *loves*

  2. poor yowie bits! he he he
    Yes the Yowie made everything better :)
    *loves back at you*


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