Monday, February 21, 2011

Full Moon

The other night the moon was huge and yellow and really low in the sky.  
I was driving to ben's and I turned a corner and BAM! 

My brain and I had a little quick discussion on seeing the moon for the first time...
me: Argh! What's that in the sky?
Brain: The world is ending?
me: Oh no, it's just the moon
Brain: That's a cool moon

 I ended up adding a half hour onto my trip to Ben's just so I could follow it. At one point I jumped out of my car to take a pic and I got to say if I posted the picture you would probably think I'm crazy cause all you could see was blackness with an organge speck, aka the moon, so instead I'm leaving you with a pretty picture I took of some boats nearby :P

maroochydore boats


  1. omg fee i totally tried to take photos of the MASSIVE moon in january after late night shopping, and the photos came out looking like this tiny yellow dot - it was HUGE though!!

  2. how friggen sad hey! Damn technology!!!!


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