Friday, March 25, 2011

Casey and the Bully

So I think everyone has seen or at least heard about the "bully gets owned" clip or something to that effect... anyway I'll repost it just incase

So Casey is the older kid, who retaliates on the smaller kid (the one who threw the first punches). I've got to say I'm 100% on Casey's side. As someone who is normally 0% violence, I think this is one of those cases I have to do a 360 on my stance and say, good on you dude for standing up for yourself! As someone that was bullied somewhat growing up, I had a huge smile on my face seeing some bully justice take place!

So tonight I went on a you-tube watch-athon to get further into the action! A couple of Australian tv shows, particulary known for their bad, one-sided stories have since interviewed the two kids and it proved what my first judgements were all along....
Casey comes across as a very articulate boy that has suffered a lot of bullying (not just a once off case) and I'll be honest, I did have a bit of a cry watching this :P 

and then there is Ritchard Gale aka 'the bully'
Who not only isn't sorry but claims he was the actual vicitm, pfft!
Not only aren't you sorry, but by the sounds of it your bully days aren't over. What a sad world :(
I can only hope this kid goes on to prove me wrong and develops some sort of compassion for others!

p.s on a side note Today Tonight, the tv show from the clip above, did another segment where they door knocked the local areas peeps.  When referring to Casey, they called him "that big boy" ha! journalism at it's finest :)

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