Monday, March 28, 2011

Romeo and Juliet

How good is Baz Luhrmann? I kind of totally forgot about him after the movie Australia, which come on wasn't that bad, but after, Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge, he lost a bit of that awesome tacky/glitter/flair he had going in the other ones! Anyway I've been craving romance movies as of late and kept pestering Ben who finally got around to getting me a copy of Romeo and Juliet. Actually we just came back from watching Red Riding Hood at the cinemas and I requested we keep the romance movie theme going by watching it. Romeo and Juliet quickly absorbed all memory of riding hood and as Ben pointed out all those twilight-ish films are just trying to recreate what has already been created! I guess I should give Shakespeare some credit here as well :P

How young are leo and claire! Yikers. Makes me feel old. Ahem, I seriously love everything about this movie, I love how they managed to use the shakespeare dialogue but not alienate the audience, I love the emo-esque teens, I love the costumes, the lights, the setting, the glitter, the bromances! Most especially I love the love :)

So my public service announcement is, if you loved watching this movie when it first came out, I definitely suggest re-visting this gem! If you hated it, you're probably a love hater, or leo hater or perhaps both and you should probably stay far far away! lol


  1. Loooove that movie. I still have a poster of it somewhere in a closet. I love Baz Luhrmann, I even have that terrible album he put out with the sunscreen "song" on it. Haven't seen Australia yet though.

  2. ohh I love the sunscreen song :P should I admit to that? he he he. The romeo and juliet soundtrack was also killer!

    Australia isn't bad, just really long and a tad boring!


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