Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Five

Time for my top five fav discoveries on etsy this week :)

First up is NewYork artist Kristiana Pärn who runs the etsy shop krisblues
I love her simple bold illustrative style, lots of cute animals, coupled with simple scapes and sweetness!

Second up is another American artist who runs united thread a shop full of nature overloaded with patterns and all beautifully executed, I especially fell in love with these flamingoes!

Third is Japanese artist ayco who runs childlikewisdom. Her art is so super sweet full of simple drawings of "nature, skies, animals and birds. they are in my work all the time :)" (stolen from her profile) She also writes... "I am very happy if you are interested in my art. thank you. " aww!

Fourth we have extase from Canada who not only has a great drawing style but also has a rad etsy shop filled with papergoods, knits, stamps and art!

And lucky last, number five is US artists, Christy Pepper Dawson aka Peppermint Daydreams who has an especially rad way of drawing girls and cats and foxes!

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