Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gorman Industries

I'm not normally one to post fashion, I do like dressing up but my poor-ness usually prevents me from delving too far into it :p That said I couldn't resist posting a picture from the winter collection of gorman industries, they pretty much got fee style to a tee, aka what I would wear if I was super rich!

eek so cute! I love fashion that makes you happy. Originally found via the awesome blog
Where the Lovely things Are


  1. i love gorman! they have such good prints. a couple of years ago there was this awesome space-star-cosmos print and i kept waiting for the dresses/shirts/skirts to one day go on sale.....i'm still waiting. i love that i can wear socks AND stockings over here! so awesome. another plus for norway - that brings them to like, TWO pros right? :)

  2. I think I actually remember seeing the cosmo print in my travels, ahhh all makes sense now..gorman love!

    Socks and stocking are the bomb!


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