Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Five

Some of my fav art discoveries for you on this fine friday!

1. Morrisetsy run by artist Steve Morris. What can I say about his art other than, oh my friggen goodness!! He writes in his profile, "I have a career as both an Artist and Graphic Designer/Art Director, a combination which has been very beneficial to my growth in both fields." His beautiful illustrations really do combine fine art and graphic design. Not that it's amazing those two things can go together, just amazing how James pulls them together!

2. Zebedee Print run by Zoe badger, who uses some amazing colours and patterns within her work. She writes "My background in textile design has helped me appreciate the inter play of pattern and colour. Through the build up of layers and textures I create my designs." If you head to her shop you'll understand! Just lovely :)

3. Kira Yustak funnily enough run by artist Kira Yustak, whose style, as her profile reads, is "best descibed as a sort of comic realism". Couldn't agree more, plus it's chockers full of great textures, colours and themes!!

4. Horse and Hare, horse being Kerry Stavely and hare being artist Neil Stavely.  I must say I really enjoyed reading their profile which explains the horse and hare concept, well sort of :P As for their art, lots of amazing detailedlino cuts fill their store which I'm sure is the result of their amazing skills they share between them!

5. Lastly Artist Amanda kindregan who has a great distinct style. I fell in love with her work because of it's amazing vintage feel. I could imagine seeing her delightful illustrations pop up in a 50s golden book!
Just all round sweetness in this shop!

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