Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mini and Maximus

This happened a while ago but I forgot to mention it!
A rad kids clothing store called Mini and Maximus is using my catgirl design for their tee and it looks hella cute!

Really great company to work with :)
Yay for cute kids!


  1. Neat! I would totally want my kid to wear that, if I had one. ;P

  2. yeah, they do other really cool designs too, actually there whole company is rad, just need a kid now hey :P

  3. Hey Fee .. they're awesome. One of Gabby's fav shirts is her peachy pan one.. if you ever get any free ones and need a girl that might like it.. we'd love it! She's nearly 3 now :-) I'm sure I've sent heddie a pic with her in the peachy pan shirt.. if not let me know and I'll dig one out.

    Erica. (dan's sis!)

  4. Hey Erica :)
    Heather totally sent me the peachypan shirt pic of Gabby, very very cute! And yup if I ever get any freebies I'll definitely pass them on :)


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