Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Five - Etsy Ugly Cute

This week's friday five comes from a team I'm in on etsy called, "etsy ugly cute".  I was pleased to be invited to join as i'm all for the ugly/cute combo!  Anyway I picked five of my fav shops from the team, so without further ado...first up is...
Laurenminco, who runs an etsy shop with the same name and does some truely kick arse style artworks! Anyone that does an artwork called "z is for zombie" is a winner in my books!

Second up is...
Minifanfan, an artist from Malaysia whose shop is stocked full of rad stickers, brooches and accessories.  It takes a while to soak in all the random goodness! I also appreciate the shop's tag line..."happy drawing for happy people"

Third on the list is....

Mogutakahashi from tokyo Japan, just like minifanfan, this shop is full of adorable happy art that makes you, well me at least, smile from ear to ear! Eek!!

Fourth and we're going all international here
with Portugal artist couve, again this shop is all about happiness through a sweet and simple illustrative style! Love that sneaky pony who got caught in shot :P

And Lucky last, number five is,
Ninon aka Tania, an Italian expat living in Berlin who makes some of the most amazing plush works I've ever seen. Her profile says, "I am interested in failures, imperfections and in what is possible to obtain after some "mistakes" and thats exactly how I view her creations, fantastically lovely, non-perfect creatures!


  1. ehi thank you so much for featuring my Palomino Bear! he is in such goood company amongst those other artist I like :)
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  2. aw hey :) Thanks for commenting! I must go check out your blog now!! Really love all your creations, you're definitely a clever cookie :)

  3. what a great selection! love them!! :D

  4. too many wonderfully creative people out there!!


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