Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Power's back on!

For a couple of days my place was over run with chords and wiggling and moving and dust as an electrician tried to restore the lost power of half of my unit. 

electrician time

There was talk of removing a whole wall as they couldn't see what was happening behind it (wires tangled and something or other)  The electrician had drilled a few holes in the wall and was trying to peer in with his eyeball  and a torch, with not much luck.  I had the brilliant idea of sticking my camera inside the hole and taking a picture! *light bulb moment* sometimes I'm not just a pretty face :P

Heck this one even turned out quite arty :P


  1. ahh I was wondering if they'd fixed your power situation for you yet! :)
    nice idea with the camera fee *thumbs up*
    is it all systems go again now?

  2. yeah it is! It really sucked for a while, cause I had my computer table wedged up against my stove, in order to access the working powerpoints. I normally like the heat but a few of those hot summer days when I was cooking something in the oven as well, really got to me! Come to think of it I should of just bought an extension chord, oh gosh, that ligthbulb moment was a bit too late!

    Hey it's still your birthday!! 4 more hours!! Actually you should totally count Saturday as your birthday too, heck why not even the whole week :)

    love you!


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