Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On the weekend Ben and I headed to his Mum and Partner's place in Biggenden (three hours drive north/west). Actually we were there a few months back for the wedding :) I really like it in Biggenden, Ben has a nice family and the country holds some sort of awesome charm!

On the drive down we saw, a wallaby, a bunny, half a fox, cows, lots of cows and cows on the road!


cows in headlights


cows crossing the road
he he he!

Ben also spent way to many kms swerving along the dark roads avoiding squashing what looked like to be cute baby frogs, his Mum later said they were baby toads, jury is out on whether or not she was just trying to make him feel better

We did see more frogs around their home when we got there. I get excited by frogs because where I live they're not really that common, or you have to go expert hunting to see them!

But not in Biggenden, this green tree frog was just resting on ben's car!

they also have a nice fish pond

fish pond

and their friend, funnily enough known as 'pat the horse' owns horses in the neighbouring paddock

So it was definitely an action packed animal sighting weekend
On the our trip back we saw pheasants, a kingfisher and kangaroos too!

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