Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sketchbook Project - Wrap Up!

I got into the habit of posting my sketchbook project updates and then suddenly that fell into a black hole.  Actually truth be told, I left it to the really last minute aand had to do a gazillion pages in a couple of days! eek! But  anyway since my sketchbook got posted off weeks and weeks ago, I thought I should probably post some of the pages I had forgot to post before!

sketchbook front page

sketchbook page 8

sketchbook page 9

sketchbook page 10

sketchbook page 11

sketchbook page 16

sketchbook page 13

sketchbook page 14

sketchbook page 17

sketchbook page 18

sketchbook page 19

sketchbook page 20

sketchbook page 21

sketchbook back page
The end!


  1. ahh the sketchbook is finished!!! :)
    awesome work Fee!

  2. that's awesome! who gets it? do you get someone else's to look at?

  3. the deal with the sketchbooks is they get stored at a library and everytime someone checks your book out you get notified :) I think they are currently on tour around the US, I think!

    But yes, be interesting to see if anyone actually checks mine out :)


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