Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ben's friend Katz is starting a suit business.  On Sunday they decided to rock their suits down to Mooloolabah for...well I'm not sure really, but it's was nice to see boys in suits

prepare for an eyefull of posing!

ben skateboard suit pose

ben skateboard suit posing

ben walking up stairs suit posing

ben in garden suit posing

katz posing with car in suit

katz and ben posing

bar suit posing

ben palm suit posing

ben carpark suit posing

ha ha, I had fun setting up some lame suit shots anyway :)


  1. AWESOME! i love me a 3-piece-suit. that pic of ben posing on the skateboard is my fave. good, uh, styling? fee! x

  2. the skateboard was his idea! and I guess he did all the poses, so I better not take all the credit but I was pleased with my low shot camera angles, ha ha ha!

    Hey Ben's friend has this game called machinarium

    I always think of you when we play it, there are all puzzles to solve and it's a little bit maths, but not bad maths because I love it! Awesome artwork and yeah I remember that time we played some game and you said how you use to love yelling out suggestions...remember, remember!


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