Monday, March 21, 2011

All you can eat Pizza Hut Gympie

all you can eat pizza hut

So I've been spreading the rumour that the Gympie Pizza Hut was the last all-you-can-eat joint left in Queensland, a quick google search proves that to be very wrong, but hey, it did make the experience a lot more elusive

I've been dreaming about this all-you-can-eat experience since forever or at least a few months back now. Ben and I even had an earlier failed attempt when they wouldnt let Ben in cause he wasn't wearing shoes...let's say it was a very quiet car trip home. Ben said he would make it up to me, so we went back last Friday and dived into it!

fee eating pizza
Now I was pretty confident I could get my money's worth here, $15.95 to be exact, but to my surprise it only took a few slices in to realise I was going to struggle

pizza hut gympie
I don't know if it was nerves or what but in the end I only managed 7 slices....7!!
Even saying that makes me shake my head in disgust

ben at gympie pizza hut
Ben managed 9 slices, bit better and to be honest we did eat some of their garlic bread, mousse and select items from the salad bar, which by the way seriously had nothing on sizzler!

At the end of the day my childhood experiences of the all-you-can-eat experience was much sweeter, maybe because I distinctly remember getting some Land Before Time puppets, sadly lacking from this dining experience!

Afterwards we dragged our swollen bellies down to the gympie park/lake thing

gympie fountain at night

gympie fountain

gympie fountain

gympie park fountain

gympie park
oohhh pretty!

On the way back home, Ben and I spotted the giant kangaroo at a rest stop. Ben did a risky turn around so we could get a photo, ahh that in itself more than made up for the previous, lack of shoes, experience

matilda ben and fee

He also won three skill tester toys which I thought was pretty rad :)
skill tester prizes

So all in all, an awesome night!


  1. haha oh wow i thought all of these kind of pizza huts had long gone!
    i definitely remember the land before time toys, we used to go to the one in toowoomba when i was a kid :)
    giant kangaroo! thats awesome :) and skill tester toys!
    nice work fee :)

  2. my googling told mention of an operational one still in toowoomba? Lies?

    You should check it out if you are ever up there, but I don't know if I would recommend it or not :P
    he he

  3. i think browns plains is still all you can eat too - but don't quote me on that!

    I can't believe matilda's head still turns!! does she still wink???


  4. Yeah I think browns plains popped up in my google search. She does wink!! I was too busy taking photos and ben was like "did you see her wink?!?!" and then I think he got a bit spooked someone was inside her manually doing it :P I eventually saw it!

  5. excuuuuse me? $15.95?!?! didn't it used to be like $4.95? $15.95 is OUTRAGEOUS for pizza hut all-you-can-eat! although i would still go - i have fond memories of garlic bread + pizza + chocolate mousse with tiny marshmallows. YUM.

  6. But arent pizza's like $15.95 now too, I remember them being around the 5 dollar mark on cheapo days! Ahhh when I was young....



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