Wednesday, April 6, 2011

fruit and vegie box!

Since Ben has gone the most exciting thing in my life right now is a box of fruit and vegies :P That's probably not true, but the fruit and vegie box does rock my socks off. Let me back track, a month ago I was at the Friday moonlight markets and was handed a flyer by a lady who runs a co-op fruit and vegie thingy. I got pretty excited because I've always wanted to be involved in something like that but never knew one existed in my area. So every Wednesday I go and pick up my random box of organic fruits and vegies. It's awesome because I never know what i'm going to get and I plan my meals according to the suprises!

My box this week!

I've been making some fun things trying to find ways to use up my ingrediants before the next Wednesday arrives!

Nothing mind blowing amazing like the food emaya has over on her blog, drool worthy!

But it's been fun to make things with yummo fruits and vegies!
Curries, cous cous, ridicously unhealthy cheesy baked things :P

I have some big huge mushrooms I need to use up from last week's box so I'm going to make stuffed mushrooms tomorrow, can't wait!

By the way, last week, I got a green thing, which I have no idea what it was.  I cut into it and it cut into star slices and just had seeds inside, I got scared and threw it out.  Anyone know what it was?  It looked like a giant chilli, well not giant but a bit bigger than a chilli


  1. hmm no idea what that was but it sounds interesting! looks like some delicious cookery there fee!

  2. felt kind of guilty for chucking it, but I was scared! lol
    Have been eating pretty well lately *pats full stomach* he he

  3. It wasn't just a super-seedy starfruit? That's the only fruit I can think of that cuts into star-shaped slices. Sometimes its seeds can get a bit slimy. ???

  4. mmmm, it definitely looked more like a vegie, no juiceyness. Star fruits are more roundish hey? I think from memory anyway and more juciey and yellowish. This thing was about 15cm long 3cm wide, gosh should have taken a picture of's going to haunt me now!

  5. oh man i'm SO JEALOUS! i've always wanted a fruit box delivered too. how lame and housewifey can one get! (i mean ME!!!! not you.) i would kill for some fresh fruit over here! fresh blueberries! giant mushies! yum

    aww and nothing mind-blowing about the crap that i make but thanks for the link. blog budddiesssss x

    PS are you SURE it's not starfruit? they are the only things i can think of that cut into a star-shape too.

  6. Yeah I'm reaching almost 100% housewife status! I love being a housewife, as long as I'm not an actually wife, so that's probably called something different then :P cooking for oneself, woot!

    I want it to be a starfruit I really do but when I cut it up, the star piece was only about the size of a 10cent piece. Starfruits are bigger hey? Maybe it wasn't even a star, now I'm questioning myself :P

  7. oh i KNOW! maybe it was okra?

  8. YES!!! a quick google search confirms it.
    What the hell is an okra?

  9. it's a vegetable that is used a lot in african and indian food. there's heaps of recipes for okra curries out there. i don't really like it that much because it's actually quite bitter but maybe i've only had badly-cooked okra? maybe it's as misunderstood as the brussel sprout?

    it's meant to be super healthy too!

  10. ahh well that makes me feel better for throwing it out then! Thanks for the info lesson :) I can sleep more soundly at night now :P


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