Monday, April 4, 2011

The Bra Angel

Okay boys shut your ears :P This is my public service announcement to all the ladies out there who have wire poking through on their bras! Arghh, this has happened to me way too many times and I have committed way too many hours on my sewing machine trying to fix this problem, often resulting in bras being chucked out.  Well I did a google search and came up with this shop called The Bra Angel (sorry if this sounds like a danoz direct ad) and bought their bra repair kit .

Thanks google!
I've been waiting a few months to see if it did stop the problem and hurrah!  So I can finally report this product is the bomb! They're cheap and they work.  There only down side is to put them in requires a bit of muscle and some "am I doing this right?" contemplation, but I found just jamming the little plastic bugger into the underwire pokey out hole works a treat :)  You can thank me later!


  1. wow!!! That's awesome, I have a couple of bras that I have to fix every time I wash them, and I keep persevering because I love the bra - this would be perfect.
    Thanks Fee - had no idea this was around! :)

  2. yeah it was washing that did it to mine too and who really wants to handwash, pfft!
    I get to see you on Sunday, woot!
    love you :)

  3. Yeah woo hoo for sunday! :) if you have nothing on sunday night we could move your appointment to like 4pm, then you could stay for tea and some hangs if you like? :) if you already have plans thats fine we can leave your massage at 1pm, let me know what you think
    loves back!

    ps - had to "do anonymous" post cause it wouldn't verify my Lj name - boo to them! :)

  4. silly comment system!
    4pm sounds good, tea and hangs, woot!!
    :) count me in!

  5. lock it in eddie! :)
    see ya then
    xo heddie


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