Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gnocchi Success!

With the help of this site I was able to make some pretty delicious gnocchi. Normally I skip straight past those recipe sites with the video but this one had a cute dancing chef at the start that made me stick around and watch!

Chicken, cream sauce, parmasean cheese and gnocchi!
Very indulgent but very yum! Finish off my plate and was tempted to lick it as well :P


  1. *drools* looks scrumptious!
    (no idea if that's how that word is spelt but meh - you know what I'm going for haha)

    You and Emaya definitely impress me with your cooking prowess! :)

  2. ahh I only make simple things with lots of fat :P he he he, that's my secret!
    Though I'm definitely cooking more that ben is not around and we're not going out for dinner. My vegie box also forces me to try not to waste food too!


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