Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Little Teapot

So since the opening is tonight I can finally show you my teapot!!!
moth princess
Moth Princess

When I got my teapot, actually before it had even arrived, I was thinking of ideas.  It wasn't until we were at Ben's Mum's place while intently starring at her chicken teapot that I noticed it looked like a face and realised that would make for one hell of a cute teapot!

The inspiration!

Quick sketch on my hand
intial sketch

and then the painting process
process shot of teapot
process shot
Process shot

Around the same time, I was playing with some moth paintings and I decided to incorporate a bit of a moth theme, since I love moths!!

tiger moth framed
Tiger Moth

clara's satin moth framed
Clara's Satin Moth

moth princess

back of moth princess

fee with teapot

this little teapot burntfeather
So there you go :)
I was also very fortunate to be contacted the other week for an interview which you can read here.  I had a quick skim cause it still feels strange to re-read my words :P

Anyway hopefully you are currently at the opening, if you're in Sydney, and if you missed the opening, no worries it runs until Sunday 1st of May at Paper Plane Gallery, 727 Darling Street, Rozelle!

Alright I'm off to make gnocci my first attempt, I'll let you guys know how it goes :P


  1. that is freaking awesome!!!!
    Very cool Fee, very very cool :)
    *impressed face*

  2. Yes please send me one immediately, it's really cool Fee Fee ;-)

  3. oh my GOSH! as an avid collector of teapots, can i commission a custom design???? that teapot face is so adorbsssss x

  4. I'd be more than happy to make one for you...birthday present, no wait that's present!


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