Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mushroom Success!

Stuffed mushroom, though technically you can't really stuff them or perhaps I was doing something wrong :P I prefer to call them 'Piled Stuff Onto' Mushrooms. They were suprisingly really indulgent, probably cause I didn't trust the recipe (never do!) and thought they were going to be super dry so I kind of smothered them in olive oil...learnt my lesson there!

This last picture is weird for me, normally, there is an extra at my dinner table.. back to the bachelor lifestyle for me *rubs belly* By the way  Ben rang me today, phone calls are few and fair between. I got pretty excited to hear his voice :) One week down 6 more to go!


  1. delish! don't worry, i never understood how you can 'stuff' mushrooms either! and the next 6 weeks will fly by for shizz.


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