Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dunethin rock

Whenever I'm driving around the Sunshine Coast and notice a brown tourist sign, I'm always intrigued.  Hence the adventures of Dunethin rock! It's located somewhere near bli bli, maroochydore, nambour *shrugs* and as Ben pointed out it's not big enough to be a called a mountain, aww poor Dunethin
fee ontop of dunethin rock

it really was just a rock :P

ben ontop of dunethin rock

ben  dunethin

fee on rock

ben at dunethin

Have I mentioned Ben is back? Sorry I'll stop going on about him :P I did kind of forgot what he looked like and when I saw him again I pleasantly surprised that I'm dating someone so pretty and who wears clown-esque clothes!


  1. I remember doing the same thing when I first arrived on the Sunny Coast in 1996. Saw the brown tourist sign and thought I would take a look. It's really nothing special although it does have a very spiritual feel to it, maybe a possible Middar (Aboriginal meeting place, being high up and overlooking a lot of land etc). Thanks for bringing back some memories Fee and welcome back Ben ;-)

  2. I totally agree Ian! There is also a nice little area down from the rock, lots of people fishing! It's always good to go exploring unknown places :)


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