Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Five

Some neat artists I love this week!

1)Cherry Fields aka Melissa Haslam, a Melbourne artist who is one very talented lady with a paintbrush. Melissa has a very distinct style and a lovely way of drawing girls! She also incorporates lots of sweet things, bunnies, kittens, flowers, plaits...which makes me love her work even more!

2)Kiersten Essenpreis which I always manage to spell wrongly :( and who I recently discovered via a blog, through a write up on a He-Man exhibition she was in. Low and behold the most awesome painting ever....
Everyday He-Man!
After seeing that painting I went to explore her work a bit more and it's amazing! Her art is funny, it's well painted and I have a huge art crush on all of it!

3)Ana Bagayan! Okay it's no surprise I like artists that draw cute girls and I think Ana might take the cake on the cutest girls out there! Another huge art crush, I dunno what to say I'm speechless! spooky background...mothes, swings!

4)Misaki Kawai whose artwork at first I might have missed, but after watching this amazing video interview of her, I fell in love, hook line and sinker! Her art as she talks about, is everything art should! I love this simple, not so serious take on art a break from heavy theory!

5) Lucky last is Megan Whitmarsh. She takes embroidery to the next level and sometimes it makes me ill, thinking how much time goes into each piece! You can really only be in awe of the way she makes pen and pencil scribbles into stitches onto canvas, the way she uses colour and space and the way she incorporates the raddest characters like yeti's with sneakers!


  1. everyday hero is awesome :)

  2. pfft go me, i mean everyday he-man :P

  3. totally odd and random - Fee the first artists picture you posted looks EXACTLY like the lady security guard that was on the train last night and she was standing leaning against one of the upright pole thingys almost the same way!!! she didn't have plaits though!!

    *freaked out*


  4. wow, how freaky!!!
    And what a non butch security guard! woot :)
    hope you're getting all settled in at your new pad!


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