Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love Blanket

Love blanket

Did this for a call out for a book.  
You needed to include the words "I love you" and for the art to be black and white,
fingers crossed!

I've also listed it as a print on etsy


  1. that's really sweet Fee! :) love it

  2. Oh Fee, i loooooove this one! You should definitely put it on Etsy, later on. By the way, are you going to attend the pikaland alumni? X

  3. thanks ellen!
    Yup, on Etsy it goes :)

    Not sure about the Pikaland alumni, what about yourself?

  4. Beautiful! Looks so cosy:)

  5. I think I will, although I will have to miss 2 weeks again, because of summer holidays.

  6. it definitely is an invaluable experience but it is very time intensive isn't it?


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