Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Five

All newbies I've find on Etsy this week :)

1) Firefluff, run by Lisa Evans who judging by her amazingly sweet art I imagine to be a delightfully sweet person! She creates these icelandic wonderlands filled with adorable fluffy animals! She makes cold weather warm and inviting!

2) Karolin Schnoor runs another super sweet store, with simple but beautiful patterns, love all the natural elements and look forward to seeing more art from her in the future :)

3) Sophie Blackall. If you get the chance to read her etsy profile it's extensive and impressive, an ex Aussie now living in the US she has a really delicate way of illustrating and it's hard not to fall in love with all her characters!

4)Petra Hilbert another artist with a simple sweet illustrative style all the way from Slovakia which to be honest I did have to google it's exact where abouts :P I'm greedy and hope her etsy shop will be filled with even more rad designs in the near future!

5) tug boat print shop who write "All of our woodblock prints are 100% original drawings that are hand-drawn onto blocks of wood, hand-carved with hand tools, and hand-printed onto archival paper (directly from the woodblocks) in our in-house printshop. Gosh you have to be impressed by that! I can only imagine how beautiful these prints are in real life!

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