Thursday, June 9, 2011

Age Five

First day of kindy, also another good age reminder photo :P
I loved kindy and it was here that I met my very first best friend, Alex.
I'm also loving my outfit and would happily wear such an outfit right this moment! Pink represent! I feel that not a lot has changed from this fee to the fee I am today :)


  1. awwww cuuuuuuuuteeeee feeeeee! i love this blog series! i had a sneak peak at some of the pics that you uploaded to flickr and i hope they're a sign of things to come :)

    i don't think you've changed much either! Except your hair - DARN. Perhaps you should go platinum blonde for your next hairadventures? That would be cooooooolllll. x

  2. Hey Emaya!
    Yup flickr is the go to for the rest of the series, lol! mmmm, blonde, I dunno I've always been anti blonde, you're just a lover of the blonde because you crave it yourself, huh huh? that's the truth! I love seeing the japanese girls with the blonde hair! the grass is always greener isn't it. I want to go all blue next!

  3. no way fee! i'm a hater of blonde too! don't you remember how we used to hate on blondeness together in highschool?

    i just like extreme contrasts - like japanese girls with blonde hair or like, say for example, ME with blonde hair. bahahaha.

    but seriously, with you, i'm talking a really nice platinum blonde. like no golden tones. just silvery. or silvery-blue even! maybe you can go really really blonde for a few weeks BEFORE you go blue! then when the blue washes out you'll have this super awesome light-bluey-silvery hair! DO IT! it'd be beyond rad!

  4. ahh that's the emaya I know and love! he he
    Gee just getting round to these comments now, slacko! I definitely need to play with my hair more, very boring at the moment *cries*


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