Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Age Four

This is my chillaxing on the couch with my punky brewster doll. I remember there was much drama when Mum sold the doll and then I cried and Mum being the lovely Mum that she was, bought a replacement.
Well I think that's how the story goes.
Also I seem to be sitting on a velvet-esque couch with Velvet pillows behind, this is startling because I've got a phobia about that fabric and it gives me the heeby geebies to touch it or think about it or see it. I always thought I had this fear, but maybe it was only something I developed later on in life!

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  1. Yeah look how happy you are in spite of the velvet! Wonder where that started? Maybe you just had some awesome fashion sense kick in along the way, have you seen they're making some velvet clothes again recently? So poxy.

    go punky brewster! You know, I don't think I ever got into punky, well I don't remember it anyway. I do remember lovely lady locks! hehe gotta love 80s toys & cartoons :)

    I'll stop waffling now :)


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