Saturday, June 18, 2011

Age Fourteen

And this today marks the last post of the fee series, it's been fun!
We leave on a high, with fee in Disney land! My hair is brown, my smile more reserved, damn teenage years! but hey I'm still happy and who wouldn't be at Disneyland! Very lucky to have a bro like Andrew because he won us lots of cool things, including this trip to America. Andrew use to mimic voices of cartoon characters and people and this won him lots of success and I got to ride along his coat tails :) 

Today is the 18th which means real life fee is hoping onto a plane tomorrow and coming back home, so stay tuned for many many Japan photos!!!


  1. ahh I enjoy this photo on so many levels! Do you still have the minnie ears? :)
    very cool photo series fee!
    Safe travels and can't wait to hear all about your trip! Let me know when you are all caught up on sleep and stuff and we'll catch up for some show and tell! :)
    love ya xo

  2. I do stll have those mickey ears, I think they're in my costume box but I should whack them out on display!

    Just got home an hour or so ago, bit sad to be back, but I do like Australia :) Holidaying makes me appreciate where I live! About to go shower and jump into bed!! Definitely have to catch up :)

  3. ahh welcome home! :)
    Yeah, it's a bit sad to be home after having aweseome adventures, but I agree it does make you appreciate home as well. Enjoy your sleeps, talk soon :)

  4. thanks heather!
    I've been a bit quiet, since coming home, worked today and came home with flu-fever-ness

    ARGhhh, bed early tomorrow :)
    Can't wait to catch up!


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