Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm Back!

Guess what? I had a fantastic time in Tokyo, I urge every one of you guys to go to Japan at least once in your lifetime, great people, great food, cool stuff, cute stuff! At the moment I'm currently going through hundreds and hundreds of photos which I will share over the next few weeks!

In sadder news, Ben has gone back to the desert, which is ulter crapness, I urge any of you to NOT try out long distance! lol  But back to happier things...Japan has inspired me beyond belief and most importantly whispered into my ear...
"follow your passion".  My new war cry!

Anything exciting happening to anyone else, do share!


  1. Hi:) Only just found your blog, but welcome back!
    Tokyo is awesome, I went there when I was 11, sadly I couldn't really shop a lot back then though. I'd love to go back!

  2. Hello and thanks!
    Just had a quick squizz at your blog, looks super rad, will have to check it more out :)
    nice to meet you!

  3. um. are those frilly socks AND pom-pom shoes!??!?! AMAZINGTOWN. Word, long distance sucks.

    okay, okay, something interesting......okay, went and visited a building today that was a cathedral that used to be a mosque that didn't face mecca. it was really pretty. does that qualify?

    ARGH! can't love your socks-n-shoes enough! x

  4. I'm definitely with Emaya on the shoes/socks combo - is this a sneak peek of the costume? :)
    Eeee can't wait to see/hear everything!

    Japan is DEFINITELY on my travel wish list! :)

    *big hugs* Long distance is not cool, hope it goes quickly!!
    see ya thursday chook!

  5. Yay, yes there were part of my outfit. I impressed myself by having one pair of socks the entire trip and they stayed relatively clean!

    catherdral/mosque/face mecca..hang on you lost me at the face bit, definitely sounds interesting!!

    boo to long distance

    but yay for thursdays!


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