Sunday, June 5, 2011

Age One

Since I'm away for two weeks I thought it would be nice to schedule blog posts for 14 days  I had the idea for something simple and then thought I'd share a fee montage. So today we start with one year old fee, everyone say 'awww'

Look how tiny I am! Andrew my big bro is next to me and I'm sitting on Mum's lap and Dad peering in behind.  I wonder if I got to smash the cake! Loving those retro cups and plates!
Stay tune for tomorrow when fee turns the magic two! he he


  1. awww!! cute little munchkin :)
    hope you guys made it safe and sound!

  2. GOSH fee you look so much like your mum! Old photos are the best! and love love LOVE the retroware! awww and you and andrew look so adorbsss xx

  3. thanks Heather!

    Thanks Emaya, I never think I look like my parents, I reckon Mum and I definitely have the same face shape though!


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