Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Five

My last Friday Five before Japan!!!

1. Giselle Gonzalez is first up and has this amazing retro, story book-esque, style happening, which is totally fabulous! When I see her work I'm taken back to Disney when they pull out the retro card with their short films, done in recent times!

2. Ground work is next on the list, an etsy shop run by Danna Ray who produces lovely minamilistic paintings. I'm a big fan of a splash of colour, nature and adventure and Danna has all three nicely going on :)

3. Tripperdungan who after arriving in portland (as she writes) now paints, performs shadow-puppet shows and makes cartoons and has art parties. Woot my kind of life :) Her art is also super cool cause viewers can wear 3D glasses to get a 3D effect, very clever! *High five* for fun, trippy art!

4. Wool and Water run by Amy Earles makes the most delightful art, drawings and paintings! She is probably best known for her paper dolls though.  I really adore the way she draws, it's super sweet and I'm a huge fan! Plus she always takes such lovely photos of her work!

5. Lucky last is Yellena James whose client list is extensive and incldes the likes of Anthropologie, K2 Snowboards and Nike. You can defintely see why though, her art is filled with lovely patterns and colours with a distinct naure feel throughout.   Perhaps she's depicting a scene deep in the ocean or the view under a microscope lens! Doesn't really matter though because it's all just lovely :)


  1. oh wow I'm completely in love with number 1 and number 4!! Shall go check out more about them :)

    Super cool friday 5 Fee!


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