Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Age Three

It was really hard working out how old I was in each photo, so I threw in a couple of birthday shots for easy remembering! he he.  Note to self, in future, write dates on back of photos!!!

Again Andrew features, still have the blonde hair and I'm looking mighty excited by the cake this time.  Actually I'd still be excited by that cake, black forest, the best cake in the World!


  1. definitely a good idea to put dates on the back hey, last time we went through our old piccies we had trouble even telling if it was me or melanie in them haha!

    another cute photo fee, you and andrew were definitely cute little kids! (not that you're not still adorable!) :)

  2. totally, I guess at the time you're like "I'll always remember how I was here, der!"



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