Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mt Ninderry

Mt Ninderry is in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast.  The mountain itself probably takes about half an hour to climb and that's Fee time, so more like 10 minutes.  Anyway I can't believe I only found out about this place the other day when ben mentioned it.  It's a really sweet mountain! Not really signed though and Daz reckons it's 'local knowledge'...ohh special! On a side note apparently Yandina was the first inhabited land by our indigenous culture! Can you trust google though?

Daz and Ben climbing Mt. Ninderry

Mt. Ninderry

Mt. Ninderry

Mt. Ninderry

Mt. Ninderry

wind energy
There was a wind station right on top! At first Ben thought, from the sound, it was a man wipper snippering, on top of a mountain, mind you!

Mt. Ninderry views
the view that took my breath away

Daz and Ben Mt. Ninderry

top of Mt. Ninderry

Ben watching sunset over Mt. Ninderry

sunset Mt. Ninderry

sunset over Mt. Ninderry

I'm in love with these shots, which makes me sad as well because the point of this mission was to climb up at dusk and use up a roll of film. Unfortunately I went to pick up that said roll of film, today, and it was all blank. I bit my lip hard and tried not to cry in front of the sales girl, ran to my car, put on my sunnies and shed a few tears. I get attached to things like pictures (also had a whole bunch of family photos too!) and I was hoping to rock the film camera in Japan, but I guess I'll just have to formulate a new plan :) Chin up hey!

and lucky for the new point and shoot which made for a rad backup camera!


  1. Aww thats no good about your film missy!! Did they know why that happened? Is that your big fancy camera that uses film?
    Meanwhile, beautiful photos here! oh my goodness fee its 2 sleeps! :D

  2. Yeah sucky mc suck suck! It's a camera I got from my other Grandma when she died. I used it back then and have just re-discovered it recently. Something must of happened to it though :( Will have to get a new film camera though!


    2 sleeps, eeek, so close!


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