Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Five

Have a great bunch of artists to share with you this Friday

What a lovely illustrator Chuck is, born in the Netherlands and now residing in the US, he draws the sweetest things... ponies, inviting dark forests, misunderstood monsters, lonely creatures, ahhh, just lovely!

2. Devon Smith aka deer face
A kiwi girl who has such a nice way of drawing girls and deers and bats and racoons and boys and bears!
Love it!!

3. Aleks Sennwald, is another rad female doing some flawless design work. Really can't fault this lass I urge you to have a good look through her portfolio, some really pretty pieces from what must be a pretty grand imagination!

4. Meg Hunt, another favourite artist of mine. She puts some great textures in her work, creates characters with the coolest eyes and simply creates a visual feast for the viewer, another portfolio you have too have a squizz through!

5. Bei Badgirl
I've been addicted to her tumblr for quite a while now, not only does she post lots of mermaid-esque pictures of herself...mermaid (big thumbs up) she is also an amazingly talented artist who includes in her work such things as sailor moon, glitter, pastels and kittens (just to name a few) ahhh *dies of cuteness*
This just leaves me speechless annd I hope it does you as well


  1. wow these are all super awesome!
    I especially like that first one though - so cool!!

    happy friday night chicken xo

  2. so cute hey!

    Happy weekeend!!


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