Monday, July 4, 2011

Japan Day One

I guess all stories start at the beginning and even though this beginning ain't that exciting, I've got to start somewhere!

Our plane journey was not without it's hiccups. Ben burying his skateboard in the airport gardens after being told he couldn't take it on the plane due to it's weapon like appearance 
Was not a good start to the trip!
Ben also was lucky and got stopped for the explosives test, whilst I got to re-package my already zip locked packaged toiletries into different zip lock bags! Ben's camera also decided to not work but then magically fixed it self once we were in tokyo, ahhh light at the of the tunnel!


A happy thing was the plane being empty, and us getting the whole middle section to ourselves, woot a toot, apparently after the earthquake + nuclear disaster the rate of tourists significantly dropped!

jet star to tokyo
our masks!! Yes we decided to dress like cats and to name our art project "love cats"
I was the lion, ben was the leopard

Nine and half hours later

and ta-daaaaaaaaaa we're at Narita Airport!

First stop, vending machiness
vending machine tokyo

Ben got way too excited over coke with screw top lids :P
japanese screw top coke bottle

An ill informed book I had read, previous to the trip, told me to get our money changed at the airport, as it offered a better exchange no no! Don't listen to that bad advice!

After being screwed money wise, we went and waited for our train. I'd already looked up the cheapest option, a train that only ran ever hour and we had just missed one. The tickets people freaked out and the train master freaked out about us waiting for so long and I realised....ahhh I'm back in the land of the worriers! DAI JOBO (aka don't worry in Japanese...useful phrase that one!)

waiting for the train at narita airport
still fresh faced waiting for the train

the exchange rate place did offer free origami, I guess that made it less bad :P

Since it would of been around 11pm when we actually got into Shinjuku this post is going to end quite abruptly but I will show some peaks into what we got up to DAY TWO! I've also got to point out we had no accommodation planned for day one. Looking back I was quite the idiot for thinking we could last 33 hours without any form of sleep, but I remembered my giddy excitement when I first came to Tokyo and I thought that could sustain us...mmmm

love cats

tokyo at night

ben at japanese pay phone

street of tokyo

streets of tokyo

love cats in tokyo

dinner tokyo
dinner at 1pm

tokyo temple
temple hoping, ben posing, actually it quite surreal when we saw another soul at this hour, he was visiting the temple and praying to the ancestors or whoever they pray too!

we also went park hoping, which is wear fatigue started to set in for me, just looking at this picture makes me want to crawl into a warm bed and sleep for ages!

pink toilet
I did stumble upon a cute pink toilet and ben found this poster

toilet paper art
Ahhh welcome to Japan!

Stay tuned for when the pain of tiredness really set in :P


  1. EEEEEEE Japan tales! :D I've been dilligently checking, some may call it stalking but well you're used to me by now :P

    Awesome photos Fee! Can't believe you guys didn't sleep your first night there - although the photos of empty streets and early morning-ness are pretty cool :)

    Was Ben's skateboard still there when you guys got back??

    Ahh can't wait for more! :)

  2. aww, sorry I've been such a slacker!
    funnily enough his skateboard was still there!
    Can't wait to share more!


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