Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Funny Request

Jake my little bro, loves guinea pigs and a while ago, he requested I draw him a guinea pig playing sport. He told me to google it to get the idea :P

You can google it yourself but it's basically the phenomenon of people photoshopping guinea pigs to look like they're playing sports. I decided to tackle a guinea pig playing basketball, since it's Jake's favourite. First needed the ever placid Vanilla to do some reference poses for me, aahh she's such a sweet easy going thing!

vanilla the guinea pig

vanilla posing for her basketball shot

And I was set
The outcome...

basketball playing guinea pig
He he
It made me giggle anyway!

Jake also saw this rad cardboard frame, courtesy of the lovely Heather, hanging in my apartment, it's done through a company called la la land! So the frame I made above, by Jake's request, is very much an inspired/copied version of the la la land one!

Talking of Lalaland, I not so recently went to the Finders Keepers market down in Brisbane which was fun and picked up these rad mini art prints from the la la land table

lalaland mini art prints

Finders keepers exhibition Brisbane 2011

I also got to met the wonderfully talented Lauren Carney, who just recently blogged about her finders keepers day. She super pretty and does super awesome art and I think I gushed just a little too much! oops

P.S I totally forgot to blog about the recent guinea pig updates...must do, it's a cute surprise!


  1. Hahaha aww that's adorable! :) love it :)

    La la land stuff is cool hey, so bizarre discovering it in a newsagents!

  2. I reckon!
    thanks for the awesome present!!!



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