Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japan Day Six (Tatebayashi Part 2)

So Benny's plan was to take us to a temple or is it shrine, eek, one day I'll get it right.
Turned out to be this really pretty place and so much fun to have a tour guide such as Benny and a professional photographer, as he pointed out too!
fee ad ben
he he he!
Benny makes friends where ever he goes so it wasn't too long before we were chatting away with some junior high school kids

Japanese junior high school kids in garden

fee and ben with Japanese Junior high school boys

fee and ben with Japanese Junior high school girls

rock art

fee taking a picture of rock art

ben washing his hands before praying
Gotta make sure to wash youur hands and mouth before praying!

fee and ben pose praying
damn westerner posers!

business man walking on tatami mats
we also walked inside

benny and ben

confucius fee
Benny made me pose with the Confucius teaching tool. Mmm, what was the lesson again, something about you can never know everything, or something or other

It was really fun to chat with Benny about religion, hear him make inappropriate jokes about Hiroshima, listen to his encounters with famous people and watch him make friends with a journalist to which Benny handed his business card over for a future story write up! He is one cool cat and even booked up into his friend's hotel...eek too generous
View from the hotel room!

For dinner I demanded we all go to my fav restaurant in town, an all-you-can eat joint with quality food to boot. I'm talking sushi, noodles, Chinese-esque food, desserts, fruits and raw meat to cook at your table

all you can eat

all you can eat
From left, Benny, Minako, Mami and Sunny and me!

all you can eat dessert bar

fairy floss machine
heck there is even a fairy floss machine!

During dinner I had one of the most surreal/fun experiences of my trip. There was a few tables of junior high girls who kept calling out my name and saying hello as I'd walked past and I'd humour them back. I saw one girl by herself and I went to make friends with her and she kind of froze, ha ha. Too cute!

Ben and I eventually went to get dessert and next thing you know we're ambushed by these girls with their mobiles

tatebayashi paparazzi

It was kind of amazing all the excitement around me! Eventually I found out that Benny had told the girls I was a famous Australia actress in Australia. Holy moly I couldn't stop laughing after hearing that. As we left the restaurant Benny slowed down and told me to wave to all my fans, so we did a slow drive by and I was definitely in stitches at that point

It was fun to be famous for an evening!

Love Benny so much!


  1. Hahaha aww man Benny sounds like such an awesome character!

    Everything looks so pretty!
    And I love that little painted rock - is it a rock? Whatever it is its cute :)

    And that restaurant sounds/looks mighty tasty too :) fairy floss machine! what more do you need really?

    Hope you've had a nice weekend chicken, can't wait to see ya in a couple weeks xo

  2. Benny is such a character :P
    yeah there was a hole garden of rocks actually, it was really cute!

    I wish sizzler was as cool! They need an all you can eat with mega tasty food in Australia

    I'm getting really excited for Harry Potter, didn't think I'd ever say that, he he he, it's the company that definitely makes it!

  3. OH MY GOSH! that story is such funniness. how awesome is benny!

    and that all-you-can-eat! still amazement!

  4. yeah he's a champ, he needs his own movie about him :)

    Ahhh it is amazing!


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