Sunday, July 24, 2011

Japan Day 8 Lake Haruna (Part Two)

So we went up the lift and headed to our door, took us about five minutes to even get in, damn keys + door knob combo.  Anyway when we did get it coordinated we were pretty blown away by what we say...

traditional Japanese accomodation
it was definitely the prettiest hotel I've ever seen/stayed in!

japanese toilet slippers
cute toilet slippers

Lake Haruna View from window
and this was the view from our window.  Mt Haruna not all obscured by the front hotel!

This part of the trip I was just deliriously happy and couldn't be more in love with Japan.I had spent time with friends, managed to make it onto the last bus and stumbled upon this beautiful hotel in a beautiful area.  Definitely time to look around! 

ben photographing flowers

flowers at lake harruna

swan boat

flowers 2 lake haruna

lake haruna

Such a pretty place! We decided to head back to our hotel and relax for the night

love cats eat
Early dinner!

green tea

fee bento
we got to tuck into those amazing bentos Teruko had made for us


It's one of the most delicious thing I've ever eaten, I dunno her secret
Hopefully one day she'll share

Next thing we get a call on the phone in our room
the man from the foyer said "6 make bed"

I told Ben and we were a little perplexed, surely they weren't going to wake us up at 6 in the morning and make our beds, we decided to set our alarms just in case. It was close to 6 already, so in case he meant 6pm we decided to leave them to there thing and find the communal bath in the hotel to freshen up

male onsen
It was Ben's first time at an onsen (bath house) and I tried to remember my first time and how daunting it seemed to share a bath and be naked in front of a room full of strangers and also make sure you follow all the right steps. So I ran through the steps as best as I could and left poor Ben to walk into the male bathhouse by himself whilst I ventured through the female curtains.

The hotel's onsen was really pretty with huge glass windows so you could soak, whilst soaking up the amazing views of the lake!

We came out 20 minutes later and I found Ben in a much more relaxed state to when I left him. So we were less than a minute back in our hotel room when we get a knock on the door and two gentlemen come in. And yes, they made our beds! Eek,  really hope they weren't waiting for us to come back!

traditional Japanese hotel
I've never ever heard of this, coming in at an evening to prepare your bed, business but we started to doubt that the hotel would only cost us 80 dollars! At the end of the day we weren't too concerned and just made good use of our pretty surroundings :P

yukata fee

yukata ben
Dressing up as you do!


  1. That hotel is gorgeous!!! :)
    And the Bento too cute, that lady sounds so sweet! And her little kiddies are adorable too :)

    I'm definitely intruiged by the coming in to make the bed thing, did it end up costing you more than 80 dollars? (or is that to be revealed in a later post hehe)

    Love you guys' posing too :)
    Happy sunday night pumpkin xo

  2. Yeah it was so nice the hotel! Felt so spoilt and fortunate :) It was really strange the bed making, I wonder if it's just for foreigners or everyone? We thought, they might of suspected we wouldn't know where the futons where :P

    80 bucks...dum dum daaaa

    all to be revealed, actually no it's not that exciting, so you can probably work it out :P

  3. Hehe ok I'll wait and watch for the next one :)

    I also wanted to say - SWAN BOAT!!! That's too
    awesome :)

  4. also with the swan boat! i want one. and how the hell did she just whip up a bento box like that?!?! it looks like a gourmet meal! with like a million different things! those last two pics made me giggle! which is bad, because i'm in a library. yes, fee, stealing some free internet, again.

  5. The swan boat was the bomb! I know, she just had so many elements, feel bad that we couldn't sit down and eat her lunch with her family, but we were so full!

    Free internet, yay! And I'm glad you are okay too :)


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