Monday, July 25, 2011

Elvis on the Valley Rattler

the valley rattler

I've been wanting to go on this train know as the Valley Rattler for a while now.
Turns out there are actually a few trains, but I think they all rattle, hopefully :P
It was a lucky coincidence then that Andrew had invited me to an Elvis Impersonator concert conveniently happening on the Valley Rattler.

Quick back track, my bro Andrew is part of the Elvis Club and thus friends with the president Chris. Chris is friends with Gabe aka the Elvis Impersonator of the night and actually got Gabe the gig in the first place.  *breathes out* 

I've seen Gabe once before and he always puts on a good show! So we left my place and headed an hour up North to gympie

Gympie Station

We arrived early so we took some happy snaps of the train

Silver Bullet
All trains to Kalanga! Ding Ding :P
Andrew and the SIlver bullet

Fee outside Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Seats

old gympie station
It quickly got dark and cold and we popped inside for our free champagne!

Inside Gympie Station

Then we hopped on our train which was decked out in American colours

Valley Rattler decorated

Elvis did his thing and traveled up and down the train

Elvis Bag
It was kind of cool cause Chris, Andrew and I and two other club members got to sit at the back with Gabe and his wife, who I have to say are the sweetest couple around!

We then went on our rattling journey before pulling up at the Kalanga bowls club. I knew I was far away from the city when the first drink was free, but required no drink card, just honesty :P

The show was stella


Elvis jumpsuit

Elvis Impersonator

We got served up Elvis's favourite meal, KFC! Well there version of KFC anyway, he he.

All in all a fab night and if you ever get the chance to go see Gabe Phoenix perform, definitely do so!

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