Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Japan Day Nine - Part One

So we woke up from our beautiful hotel room

Since it was so beautiful we had freaked out about it costing a lot more than 80 bucks, but we went down the the foyer and the lovely man, took our 80 bucks with a smile

We'd deliberately woke up early as it was going to be a big day! There were plans. The first was to go on a swan boat. The last time I was in Japan I lacked a boyfriend and dreamt of the day I could go on a swan boat with someone other than myself, luckily Ben filled the brief and was a happily obliging participant!

lake haruna

Boats at Lake Haruna
we had a few options

dragon boat

ladybug boat

but in the end went with the traditional
swan boats lake haruna
The lovely man cleaning our seats, ahhh the hospitality that is Japan!


fee in swan boat

haruna town

fee in swan boat

lake haruna swan boat
One dream come true! he he he

The next plan for the day was to go to the top of Mount Haruna! We spied a cable car the day before and it fitted in well with the laziness

township of lake haruna
We also got to go on a nice walk on the way there!

haruna shops

haruna flowers

lake haruna path

a few minutes later and we're on top of the mountain, woot!
haruna cable car

walking to the top of mt haruna

top of mount haruna


top of mt haruna

top of mount haruna

love cats on top of mount haruna

haruna top

At one point Ben and I got seperated, I'd like to blame Ben here but since he's been gone five weeks now with his work and I miss him dearly I'm too loved up to say anything bad about the boy :P

So I took this opportunity to take some happy snaps

love cat mt haruna

haruna forest

mount haruna
Ahhh beautiful Japanese nature!!
An hour later Ben rocks up scratched and bleeding. Turns out the path he took which he thought would be a five minute detour from the main path, led him down the mountain and almost falling off the mountain judging from his injuries and tales.
Ben had eventually made it to the bottom and then had to catch the cable car up to the top to meet me

No time to dwell, a quick wash off in the freezing lake for Ben and we were off on our next adventures!


  1. Ahh how beautiful Fee, looks amazing!
    And I'm pretty sure you can guess how impressed I am with those boats :D AWESOME!

    80 dollars YAY! Bet you guys breathed a big sigh of relief :) That hotel room looks so nice!
    <3 Heddie

  2. bahahaha that is such a ben thing to do! and yes, from the 5 minutes that i know of him, i can definitely say that.

    i'm super glad you got to realise the swan boat dream! now, if only it went through a tunnel of love too....!

    those last few snaps are absolutely beaaaauuuuuutttyyyyful! x

  3. yes, definitely a Ben thing to do! Oh my goodness tunnel of love, I totally hadn't even included that in my dream list goals. I guess this would require travelling into a simpson's episode? :P Or maybe they're common in America!


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