Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A recent doggie, art commission gave me the solution to the problem of
"What to get for Grandma's birthday?"
Grandma had not-so-subtly hinted at something handmade so it made sense to paint her a picture!  Molly was a much loved dog of Grandma's...

Molly the Dog
The lovely Heather assisted me in finding a photo of Molly and then I got onto drawing her

Molly artwork
really happy with how she turned out and Grandma was thrilled, which in the end is all that matters!


  1. oh I love it!! very cool.

  2. sooo cute i love it

  3. FEE!!! I have a little tear *sniff* That's so beautiful, great job!!!
    You've got her just perfectly :)
    Such a beautiful dog she was, the sweetest personality.
    *big cuddle*

    (this is Heather in case it's not completely obvious lol...my journal seems to be crapping out...perhaps it knows its soon to be replaced..)

  4. I got teary drawing her to be honest, such a nice dog hey :)

    Can't wait for your new blog adventures!!

  5. That is so incredibly sweet of you.

  6. ahhh :)
    it's always nice to make art that has sentimental value hey!


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