Thursday, July 21, 2011

Japan Day Seven (Bonus Round)

A few left over pics of day seven!
My fav pic of Benny and Ben!

clown shoes
Benny made sure to take a picture of our shoes together, cute!

cool building
cool building in Tokyo

sexual harrassment poster
A sexual harrasment poster I spotted at the University

silent karaoke
and silent karaoke anyone?


  1. Hahahaha silent karaoke! What the! :D
    Love it!

  2. I reckon
    We found it on the train, in one of those crazy invention catalogues :p Too good not to snap a pic of!

  3. i would totally be into silent karaoke! hahaha i think it was made for all the tone-deaf people around the world that still have a passion for singing....once again. like me. hahahha

  4. ha ha ha, I want to give it a go too! The only place I can really sing is in the car :P


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