Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five

A bunch of really cool artist for you this week!

I first learnt about Gregory through the album art he did for the latest Bon Iver album.  I immediately fell in love with his style, combining classical landscapes scenes with free flowing elements and textures, (birch bark and pine cone are two examples of the elements used by him). The artwork I posted above is an example of his flat painting but on his site he also includes relief works, which are definitely worth a look at.  His work makes me think of Bret Whiteley which is a really good thing, cause Bret Whiteley is one of top five art heroes!

2)Escif an amazingly rad graff artist from Spain who seems to create the most beautiful story telling pieces using minimal lines and blocks of colour. His stories I suspect may contain political or social commentaries but then there are also those which are just darn fun :P

Like Banksy, Escif also does that nice thing of interacting with the landscape with his graff which I think puts him amongst the A-Stars of the Graff World!

3) Third up today is James Mitchell aka Nas Chompal whose work I'm familiar with but have only recently, put a name behind!

There is not a whole lot of his art floating around on the internet but what there is, is of quality! I have a soft spot for that cartoon style, using pencil lines and paint on paper! I always seem to be attracted to the slightly sinister characters too :P
Received an email from James who said he's no longer making art under the Nas Chompal name, but has a lot new stuff on it's way with a different style....very exciting!! Stay tuned kids :)

4)Fourth up is Jillian Tamaki.   I'm kind of speechless when I try and find the words to describe her work. I think I found out about Jillian when her embroidered, classic book titles, erupted over the internet, but she also has this extensive body of work with some amazing illustrations, enough said, go check her out!

5. Junko Mizuno is lucky last and makes the list cause she is one super rad Japanese artist! Junko has a style that is easily recognisable, cute/dark art featuring girls, a subdued pastel palette and lots of flower patterns, definitely a child of the 70s !

Love her!
I also enjoyed reading this interview with her, she seems like a super sweet lady


  1. Escif! ahhh so cool - thanks for the info + links.

  2. he is rad and I think you got me onto Escif :)


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