Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Japan Day Three (the morning)

After having a nice sleep in and meeting our neighbourhood cat which Ben named, 'scratch'

we decided to hire bikes after seeing a flyer in the hotel lobby. We got on our bikes and biked 5 minutes to sensoji temple, a pretty famous temple and luckily in our hood, Asakusa!

love cats bike

fee riding in tokyo
of course I choose the pink bike!

fee bike riding

sensoji cleaner

pigeon poop sign at sensoji

sensoji temple gardens
Ahhh pretty gardens around the temple!!

Ever since the flight, I went from feeling queasy to feeling fluey. I had read that Japanese people visiting sensoji  use their hands to float the incense smoke towards whatever body part ails them. In my case, pretty much everywhere!

sensooji temple praying
You can see the big black bowl where the incense gets burnt from!
I have to report a few days in and I was feeling 100% better!

dragon at sensoji
We also made sure to wash our hands in the dragon water! My friend Benny later told us that Japanese people wash their hands and rinse their mouth, so that when they go to pray, their hands which they hold together in prayer and their mouths which silently speak their thoughts are clean!

fortune at sensoji temple
At sensoji we also got our fortunes. You pay 100 yen (around a dollar), then you shake that silver box you can see in the pic and out comes a stick. The stick has a corresponding number on it which you then have to find the corresponding drawer and that's where you get your fortune from. Ben got "best fortune" whilst I only received "good fortune"!

japanese peach tea
I also re-discovered the non amazing-ness that is Japanese drinks, actually this ice tea went down pretty good, but I made a lot of drink mistakes the rest of the holidays!

fee drinking peach tea

ninja in asakusa

little old ladies in asakusa
Isn't this the best sight, little old ladies riding bikes, damn their amazing healthy fit culture!

So after our temple fun-ness we biked our way to Ueno, the district over. This post is getting a little image heavy though, so for now it's
to be continued....


  1. That's amazing that you felt better! If only we could recreate that over here!

    Is that sign a warning for birds pooing on your washing line? Hahaha whatever it is I laughed! :)

    Awesome pink bike choice Fee, and so so cool that the little old ladies are still biking around! Good on em!

    Oh oh and CUUUUTE kitty! No wonder you came back with cat appreciation hehe he/she is very pretty :)

  2. who knows about that sign and it was at the temple too, where washing lines our few and far between *shrugs* :P

    Definitely lots of cute cats to break the fee wearyness, he he!



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