Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Japan Day Three (second part)

happy coke in tokyo

vending machine tokyo
ah vending machines one of every corner!

So where was I? Um yes, on our way to Ueno.   Ueno was a scary place to visit on a bike, we'd park outside a shop, look in and go out to find our bikes gone! 2 minutes and someone stole it!!! No wait, nobody steals in Japan, they just freak out when you park somewhere you shouldn't park and move your bike into a more appropriate area, ahh! One time though, actually after this awesome toy shop

blythe in ueno toy shop
blythes...fee heaven

Yes after that toy shop we came out to find our bikes with a stern notice attached to them! Eek, time to grab some lunch and leave ueno!

Nikkuman! Best bloody things from the combini and under 2 bucks, geez who was the silly person that started the rumour, Japan is expensive, pfft!

Now Ueno to Asakusa (where our hotel is) is only a 20 minute walk which we'd learn to be very familiar with over the next two weeks! But for some reason I stuffed up! If there is one thing I'm proud of it's my amazing sense of direction, but boy oh boy did I stuff up this time

We got lost, very lost and ended up at the Koban aka police box to get some directions, eek, but hey, on our lost adventures we did come across these rad statues!

ban dai statue

robot and ben


ben and robot

cinnamon roll sanrio


fee and ben with cute statue

graff in tokyo

nana graff
Graff hunting, can't avoid it when you're dating someone like Ben!

ghost patrol graff in asakusa
Ghost patrol, melbourne artist represent! woot!

afternoon snack sushi

and convenience store aka combini custard filled waffle! Ahh japan you do food so well!!

japanese chocolate
and chocolate!

and fireworks!

Boy this is getting image heavy again, might make this a three part-er!
Stay tuned for our evening adventures!


  1. *squeal* LOVE everything about this post - except for the getting lost part, but wait - can't even hate that because the statues you found are so super cool!

    I have GOT to get my butt to Japan in my lifetime! :)

    ps - love the pic of ben at the top :)

  2. yeah you would love it heather!!!
    and it's really easy to get around, easy travelling!!

  3. YAY! ghostpatrol art in japan?! so good. he's the brother of a friend of mine and when i met him, i immediately thought that he + you would make a great couple. never mind though, now you have BEN! yay! and is that some kind of COSTUME you're wearing? did you make it? is it part of your 'love cats' art project?

    and getting lost is all part of the fun! you always find heaps of awesome things. arrghhh japanese food = SO GOOD!

  4. ahhh that's rad you know him, too funny about the couple thing!

    And yup, that's pretty much my costume right there, ha ha. I was meant to be a clown, but I don't think people picked up on it. Anyway it was my compromise of wearing normal clothes and wearing a costume. It surprisingly went down well in Japan and lasted the distance, I sewed two pants and three tops and I just rotated them. Lots of underwear, and one pair of socks!


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