Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Japan Day Two

tokyo park at night
So this is where I last left you guys, the sun did rise

early morning streets of tokyo
And I hit my second wind, or maybe that was Ben, who greeted everyone at 5am with a very genki good morning
"ohayo gozaimasu"
people were amused to say the least

We wandered the burbs of shinjuku and eventually stumbled upon some sort of concerete park.  It was here Ben decided to sleep on the water feature
sleeping in a fountain

whilst I decided to sit in some sort of delusional sleep deprived state

breaking point
I nodded off a couple of times, eventually was woken by the morning dog walkers, damn you dog walkers!

So we kept wandering, trying to kill the hours until check in at 3pm


we stumbled into a pretty park
cool castle


shinjuku park

shinjuku park

morning in shinjuku

shinjuku dawn

shinjuku dawn amongst the buildings

shinjuku morning

homeless cat man
homeless cat man! We're just like you minus the cats!

Anyway we wandered around shinjuku until it was late enough to catch the first train to ueno. This was part of my itinerary which went something like "if tired sleep at ueno park"

So that was the plan. The photos after this get a bit sparse but let's say that, the Ueno park I remember, i.e. the lush open grass spaces for cherry blossoms picnics, were now patches of dirt and few and far between. We eventually chucked down our $2 ponchos in some inappropriate spot and preceded to sleep

As we nodded off we had the delightful discovery of finding out we were right in the middle of these homies

crow ueno park

Gosh do Crows make a bloody racket, we eventually relocated where we maybe got 3 hours sleep all up and then simply decided to make our way to our hotel...way before check in

And it was here our luck turned, the lovely hotel man let us in, no questions asked!
We headed straight for the hot shower!

ryokan carpet
ahh look at you beautiful ryokan carpet

silly tourists
us after our delightful showers! Look how happy we look, all clean and refreshed, ahhhh!!
and of course the obligatory lame yakata tourist shot!

So we must of had a third wind by this stage and actually spent the evening arcading, eating gyoza and feeling happy that we had somewhere to sleep that night!
Learn from us though and make sure you have somewhere to sleep every night :P


  1. Yes, sleeping places a must! :P
    Awesome awesome photos, you're such a great photographer Fee! I'll be hiring you in future if you're willing :)

    Some beautiful stuff here, I am so glad you got to check in early and have some sleeps :)

    I shall wait with baited breath for the next installment! (no pressure though hey, I just love hearing travel stories, but I totally understand how long it takes to sift through and then condense it all!)

  2. Aw thanks heather!
    A few of those pics are from Ben though, I made sure to write the credit on my flickr pages but thought it might be a bit annoying to write it under each photo in my blog post :P

    We didn't even sleep when we did check in, we showered and unpacked and lazed about and then got all excited that we were in tokyo and headed out again! ha ha. BUT we did sleep wonderfully that night!

    Yeah I look forward to blogging all the days too!!

  3. WOW! Fee! THREE PAGES BACK! that's how far i had to go to start my catching-ups! (still on the road in northern norway, being tight asses and camping and sleeping in the car and stealing free internet from public libraries hahaha)

    and i totally appreciate the sentiment of not wanting to spend $$ on a nights accommodation when you get in at midnight! that is just not right and totally goes against my uber-cheapness. i would've totally done what you guys did! and, in the end, it makes for an awesome story. and life is allllll about awesome stories!

    sad about ben's skateboard though! but burying it in the gardens was a GENIUS idea! was is still there when you got back? wait, don't answer that, i shall keep on reading and the mystery will probably reveal itself!

    PS HOW AWESOME IS JAPAN!!!!! love! x

  4. ohhh road trippin how fun!
    I thought your blog was a bit quiet lately was guessing you were still adventuring!

    mmm, the skateboard...yes you will just have to wait to find out :P

    I'm impressed you went back three pages, champion effort!


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